Higher Stakes than CRM: Patient Relationship Management Webinar (2018)

Duration 45:22

To learn more about this report, please follow this link: https://chilmark.co/2018PRM
To download the slides, go here: https://chilmark.co/PRMslides

Patient relationship management (PRM) is broadly defined as using multiple modes of outreach to help patients manage their health and coordinate their care in a disjointed care delivery system, all while living their daily lives. As payer and provider business models and technology strategies continue to converge under value-based care (VBC), PRM will shift from a task managed solely by provider organizations to a collaborative effort that involves providers, payers, and any third parties working on their behalf.

This Market Scan Report examines the market forces driving health care organization (HCO) interest in solutions that promise more targeted patient outreach, coordinated care management, and greater opportunity for patient self-management between care episodes. Motivating factors include serious limitations of legacy engagement solutions to meet business case needs and consumer usability expectations, the need to support patient engagement outside the four walls of the hospital, and economic factors that range from value-based care to provider-payer convergence to higher out-of-pocket costs for patients.

The research identifies more than 60 PRM vendors divided among 7 core competencies – each of which matches to a core functionality for supporting and enabling PRM.

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